Deron I Admissions

deron_admissionsSteps for Admission

Information about the Deron School Programs: Upon request, descriptive brochures will be forwarded to interested parents and Child Study Team members. In addition, a preliminary tour of either program may be arranged by calling the school.

Previous reports: Deron requests that previous assessments be submitted at the time of application to assist Intake personnel in determining the suitability of the Deron program. In addition to a current IEP, other requested reports include any pertinent medical information, current levels of academic functioning and/or other input from the student’s previous teachers/therapists, a social history as well as any available psychological or educational evaluations.

Intake: If it appears that the program may be appropriate, an interview will be set up for the child, parents and Child Study Team.

Decision: On the basis of the evaluations, reports and interview, a decision will be made to determine if the Deron program meets the applicant’s needs.

Upon admission: Prior to attending classes, the school requires the following reports: a Physical Exam, Immunization Record, Notification of Placement, an IEP that addresses the student’s placement at Deron School, an Emergency Form/Health History and any applicable Medication Forms.

A student is never refused admittance on the basis of race, creed or national origin.

Student Placement

Deron I – Elementary Program

Age, in addition to academic and social skill levels, are all factors in determining the most appropriate placement for a student.

Deron I – Secondary Programs

An individual’s social skills, academic levels and long-term goals are all considered when determining placement in either the PLUS Program or the Prep Program. While the Prep Program offers a more traditional approach, the PLUS Program presents academic material and skills inherently through hands-on, Community-Based experiences.


All inquiries concerning placements should be referred to:

Mariesa Grado, Principal
1140 Commerce Avenue
Union, NJ 07083
Phone: 908.206.0444
Fax: 908.206.0466