Elementary (Ages 5-13) – Special Needs School NJ

elementary_overviewDeron I provides a well-rounded program to learning-disabled students, ages 5-14, that promotes academic achievement, interpersonal skills and social development. Located in Union, NJ Deron I Elementary is a special education school that offers programs to children with special needs.

Deron’s Education Program for Children with Special Needs

Each student’s program is determined at their annual Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting, attended by the student, their parent(s), teachers, providers of Support Services, and district Child Study Team representatives. Following review of the student’s present levels of functioning as well as their academic, behavioral, and social needs, the IEP Team develops a set of goals and objectives, teaching strategies and materials/methods to be implemented over the course of the next year.

Special Education Learning Activities

Learning activities at Deron I are based on the theory that students learn best in small groups in a pleasant, cooperative environment. Encouraged to work at their own pace, students are provided with as much individualization as possible from certified teaching staff and experienced para-professionals. Known for their small classes, Deron I’s low student to staff ratio affords the opportunity for a maximum one-to-one instruction and attention.

In addition to Academic subjects, Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education, students are introduced to a variety of work-oriented activities and computer skills in the simulated Workshop class. Field Trips, designed to supplement instruction, take students out of the classroom to experience the community at large.

While many students enjoy the challenge of Deron’s inter-mural Sports program, weekly participation in the Enrichment program offers everyone the opportunity for social interaction through activities that support and enhance the regular school program. Other school programs such as the Awards ceremony, a Social Studies and Science Fair, Spelling Bee and After School Socials and recognition for “Random Acts of Kindness” add immeasurably to students’ self-esteem. The Student Council, an integral part of the program, directs a variety of social and Community Service activities throughout the year which are well-received and supported by staff and students alike.

Deron I Special Eduation Support Services in New Jersey

Deron I offers extensive Support Services with a staff of two full-time Social Workers, five Speech & Language Therapists, an Occupational and Physical Therapist and School Nurse. Students receive Counseling and Speech in individualized and/or small group settings as mandated by their IEPs. Speech therapists, available to provide services up to five times per week, work collaboratively with the classroom teachers and provide in-class support as needed.

A school-wide Behavior Modification program, designed to encourage and reinforce positive behavior, is an integral part of Deron’s approach. Classroom guidelines (that apply throughout the school day regardless of location in/out of the building) are composed by each class, giving the students a sense of responsibility and feeling of ownership. Appropriate behavior is acknowledged in a variety of ways, through both verbal and tangible rewards.

Custom-designed for younger students, Deron I boasts a bright and spacious facility with the latest technology available throughout (i.e. computers, televisions /DVD players and Internet access in every classroom; instructional media and instruments for the Arts; and a Computer Skills Lab). In addition to seventeen well-equipped classrooms, the building includes rooms designed specifically for Art & Music, a simulated Apartment, Speech Therapy offices, a full-service Cafeteria, as well as a Gymnasium that doubles as a multi-purpose room for school shows, assemblies and Graduation.

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