High School (Ages 14-21) – Special Needs Schools in New Jersey

DIHSPic-PrepBridgeDeron I provides two options for students attending their High School Program (ages 14-21).  While one is designed for students who would benefit from greater concentration on developing social & functional living skills prior to graduation, the second offers a more traditional approach with emphasis on developing Transition skills.

Deron I PLUS Program

P reparing for the Future

L earning Employment Opportunities

U nderstanding our Environment

S ocial Skills Development

Students enrolled in the PLUS Program gain knowledge & experience through a non-traditional teaching approach that focuses on Community-based Instruction & hands-on learning.

While meeting High School requirements set forth by the NJ Department of Education, academic subjects are presented largely through practical experiences, giving real meaning to the material.

NJ Special Education & Special Needs High School teaches independent livingWithin the Specialized Learning area, everyday activities are broken down and repeated on a regular basis, giving students the chance to internalize skills for Independent Living.  Students are especially fond of cooking activities which take them through the stages of menu planning, making purchases, food preparation & follow-up procedures.  Additionally, they develop housekeeping and laundering skills.

Students gain experience traveling on mass transit to a variety of public venues including the grocery store, restaurants and recreational sites – each of which becomes a multi-level learning experience.

Students learn pre-employment skills within the school setting during the first phase of the Employment Training program, and later advance to outside job-shadowing placements.  The students learn a variety of retail skills as they operate the school store, known as the Cub’s Corner Store and the Teacher’s Cafe. They also practice work skills including but not limited to, running the School library, managing the behavior modification money, selling baked goods and crafts and helping in the preparation of the School’s daily breakfast and lunch program.

All students receive Support Services (Speech & Language Therapy, Counseling, and Occupational and Physical Therapy) as indicated in their Individualized Education Plans, as well as the coursework required by the NJ Department of Education for High School graduation.

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Deron I Prep Program – “Building Skills for Tomorrow”

NJ Special Education & Special Needs High School academic & transition programsWhile the PLUS Program incorporates hands-on, Community-based Learning as its key component, the Prep Program offers a more traditional approach, with comprehensive academic and transition programs.

Academic Curricula are aligned to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards; and include areas of study & sufficient course credits to meet the NJ Department of Education’s High School graduation requirements.  Support Services are provided as indicated in each student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

In addition to academic courses, students participate in self-help activities in our simulated apartment aimed at developing skills for self-sufficiency in the areas of:

  • Food Planning & Preparation
  • Laundry & Cleaning Skills
  • Home & Fire Safety

Activities in Transition Class bring the “real world into the classroom” and focus on:

  • Consumer Knowledge & Skills
  • Utilizing Mass Transit & Public Venues
  • Occupation Awareness
  • Preparation for Employment
  • Practical experience in the Green Vision Recycling Program

NJ Special Needs and Special Education pre-employment skills for High School StudentsTransition Activities round out the program as students apply what they’ve learned in utilizing community resources, explore recreational opportunities and join the “world of work” beyond the school setting through Community-based activities.

The Prep Program offers an additional option for those looking to continue / complete their education in a setting that reflects the high standards and commitment of the Deron School programs.